How to show balance of cash accounts in summary

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I am new to manager, I want to know how can i display the amount in cash account in the summary page & balance sheet? . its showing total of cash accounts in “Cash & cash equivalents”?


Have you read this release topic

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but this solution is for build no 16.5.32 and i am using 17.1.23. so there not much option there…

editing cash account bring this page

Apologises, the feature is still there but the actual process was changed. Read the following Guide, it uses credit cards for the demonstration but applies to all Cash Accounts sub-accounts.

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can i download release 16.5.XX and later but not 17.X.X ?? after watching some videos tutorials and guides, i assume that older releases were more customizable …

The later/newer releases are more customizable then the older ones as they have new features.
Many of the videos tutorials are now outdated, so read the Guides which are more concurrent.

What are you trying to achieve ?

somehow i managed to display amount of cash account under assets… previously both accounts total was there as cash and cash equivalent

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Reports>> Cash Account Summary >> Missing Balance >> after sorting
Before Sorting

After Sorting

OK, I see what how you arrived at this screen - this is a screen of some of the transactions which are posted to the Cash Account
There is a discrepancy in that when manager first displays the list of transactions, there is a balance column but if you sort on any field the balance column disappears.

I’m not sure that the balance column is of much value as it is only a subset of the transactions on the account

This has previously been explained many times in the forum. Please search before posting new questions.

Throughout the program, balances are running balances, calculated on the fly (not stored as separate variables). They makes sense only when transactions are displayed in the default order with all previous transactions. For example, consider this series of transactions:

Date Amount Balance
Jan 1 100 100
Jan 15 50 150
Feb 1 -25 125
Feb 15 200 325
Mar 1 75 400

The running balances make perfect sense. Now suppose you are trying to find a withdrawal of 25, so you sort on the Amount column. Transactions would be out of date order, and the calculated balances would be different. Only the final balance would be correct, but it would be listed on the wrong date:

Date Amount Balance
Feb 1 -25 -25
Jan 15 50 25
Mar 1 75 100
Jan 1 100 200
Feb 15 200 400

Furthermore, even if the balances were stored as separate variables, the change of balances would not be consistent with the transactions displayed. In the table below, for example, the March 1 transaction for 75 is unrelated to the difference of the March 1 balance (400) from the January 15 balance (150) preceding it in the table:

Date Amount Balance
Feb 1 -25 125
Jan 15 50 150
Mar 1 75 400
Jan 1 100 100
Feb 15 200 325

The problems when displaying results of a search instead of a sort are even more dramatic, because some (perhaps most) transactions would be missing. So balances are removed when displaying results of either searches or sorts.

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