How to remove payment info from invoice theme?

I’d like to remove the “PAID IN FULL” and “Amount credited” from my invoice PDFs.

With the view templates I removed the paid in full. There’s no option right now.

In the default theme, with no colored backgrounds, remove lines 65 through 71. Those two groups of code insert the Paid in Full and Overdue stamps when appropriate. These stamps do not appear on the other built-in themes to begin with.

There would be a way to suppress the amount credited in the code section dealing with totals. But I don’t know the variables involved. And why would you want to?

In themes option there is four template to choose the only one that have Paid in full signature is the 1st one so you could choose one from the other three or you could copy the 1st theme HTML code and create new custom theme without the Paid in full but you need coding skill and here i can’t help you.

Edit: sorry Tut we post at the same time LOL.

I simply don’t want the amount credited on the invoice. It is also incorrect, because of the way manager works if money is incoming, but you have multiple invoices outstanding for that customer.

The removal of “emphasis” works.

Since there are no “code” / “name” values for each “total”, I’m currently checking for total.label != “Reeds voldaan” and “Verschuldigd Saldo”

Now, I’m also unsure how to get the currency symbols back.

Please don’t divert this topic onto a new subject. If you have a problem with currency symbols, describe what it is in a new topic.