How to put photo in Employee

Dear Lubos
I have managed to create custom field in the Employee File,
But can not put the photo,
(a) i have tried copy & paste from my drop box, and also copy from local folder, but failed.
(b) and also put a link of drop box also not successful.
Pls kindly advise.

Refer here.

You must use a web accessible URL.

well he did tried on dropbox…

Trying to paste it from DropBox won’t work, and neither will supplying a DropBox direct link (if such a thing exists), unless it’s been declared as being publicly shared to anyone who has the URL.

The procedure would be…

  1. Create a custom field of the type “image,”
  2. Store the images on a web server accessible from the network that Manager resides on (so if it’s a local installation, it can be on either a public web server or on one within your own local network),
  3. For each employee, specify the image in HTML notation;
    <img src="http://yourserver/yourimage.jpg" />