How to print chart of accounts and summary page?

Can someone please tell me how I can print the chart of accounts ?
I also would like to print the summary page, is that possible ?
Thanks, Stephan

You can do print screen. Press print screen on keyboard and open up Microsoft Paint and then paste. The crop the picture.

You cannot print the chart of accounts and summary as in click print, but you can use print screen to take a photo of the screen.

A better chart of account viewing and exporting or printing would be great

Thanks Dalacor
I was hoping there would be a better solution than “print screen” :slight_smile:

Select everything from “Chart of Accounts” to the end of your last expense account. Copy-Paste it into the cell A1 of a new Excel sheet, then do a little manual deleting of extraneous stuff and formatting like setting all rows to the same height and making the columns sufficiently wide You get a fairly nice chart that way with minimal work:

(And by the way, you can print what’s on any screen in Manager without resorting to Print Screen, at least in the Windows version. Just right-click anywhere on the screen and pick Print or Print preview. It prints the same way it would print in Internet Explorer.)

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Thanks, that worked fine for me !
very much appreciated !