How to make a draft (Receipts & Payments)

I have two users in Manager cloud, I want the first user to create receipts & payments as draft, I want the other user to make the approval. is that possible?

If it is from a bank account you can keep the transaction Pending.

Manager does not allow draft or partially complete transactions. There is no way of entering a transaction and having it not affect your records. Permission to enter payments should only be given to users with authority to enter them. The time for review and approval is before they are made. The entry of a payment into Manager does not actually accomplish the payment; it only records that it has been made.

Likewise, receipts record the act of receiving money, which is not subject to approval. The receipt has already occurred. The only purpose for review would be to ensure allocation was made to proper accounts. So permission should only be extended to those with authority to enter them.

Management review can make use of the History record, taking note of which transactions have been entered since the last review.