How to link a payment imported from my bank to a Purchase Invoice

Hi there,

when my admin day has arived, I will import my bank transaction through internet banking.

now, this payment is already in the overview called “receipts & paymants”, it would seem logical to me to be able to link a transaction from this overview to a earlier issued Purchase Invoice… however i have been struggling to find this.

What i am doing now is, i will issue a new payment from the invoice that has the status
“payment overdue …” and will delete the imported transaction, to make sure there is not a duplicate transaction in the “receipts & payment” overview.

can someone help me?


Your question is not clear. Are you asking how to record payment against a purchase invoice manually or how to assign an imported payment to an existing purchase invoice? You can do either, but should not do both. But it seems you have already figured out that you need to delete the imported transaction if you have entered the same one manually.

So just what is your issue?

Hi Jasper.

Go to Receipts and Payments, and click Edit beside the relevant transaction.

In the line that shows the transaction open the drop down box marked Account and select the Accounts Receivable option.

A new drop down box will appear - open this box and select the customer that has made this payment.

Another new drop down box will appear - open this one and select the Invoice number this payment is to be applied to.

When you hit the Update button, the payment will be posted to the Invoice selected. The Invoice will also update to show either paid in full, or with a further outstanding balance depending if the payment is for the full amount or not.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your reply!

I am getting the following:

Then when I click the “edit” button:

Looking forward to your reply…

Continue following the instruction given by pcal

Thanks for your reply!

I am sorry but I am not getting any dropdown boxes…

I can’t see the detail in your screen image very clearly but that looks like a drop down box under the Accounts heading on the line item of the payment - select Accounts Payable if it is a payment and Accounts Receivable if it is an receipt

Also, you should not publish your contact details in the forum post - it is against the rules

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your answer, I only have accounts payable…

And thanks for the tip on the contact details… it’s a standard template, I have removed the contact details now.

Jasper van der Sluis

Hi joe,

A small update i have found accounts receivable, however I have changed the name…

Anyways if select accounts payable, I can select my supplier.

But if I select accounts receivable, the I changed the name of, I am not able to select a customer… no drop down down box appear…


Jasper van der Sluis

The heading on the topic is “How to link a payment imported …”
Are we talking about receipts from customers or payments to suppliers?
Have you got customers defined?
Are they attached to the correct account?

Same questions/remarks for suppliers -

Hi Joe,

I managed to get it working! Thanks to your guidance and pascal’s of course.

The account receivable is in the program standard and reverts to the customer list, so in my list I would have 2 acount with the same name but only the last of these 2 provides access to the account list to choose from, so have changed the name so I can identify this in a clearer way.

Thanks a lot!

Jasper van der Sluis

It sounds as if you created custom accounts for your suppliers and customers instead of using the standard accounts supplied by Manager. While not wrong, this is not the usual practice and is not recommended