How to hide this information when we running manager server

how to hide this information when we running manager server, because there are confendensial information, Thank you

This makes little sense to me. Who can actually see this other than the person launching the server and thus being in control of the computer?

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it just idea, because in the office that i work, any other worker can akses this computer because there is no other computer only for manager server, if manager have solution how to hide with specific command we will appreciate, thank you

run Managerserver as Services

Windows | Manager

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Oke thank you

i was run managerserver as services with nssm but there is some problem

@edwar_pangestu You should do “-port” instead of “port”

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same problem

i use this version

Have you tried running ManagerServer.exe -port 8090 directly without nssm service? Does it work?

yes it works but without nssm

OK, then this would be out of scope for Manager Server.

You can check and see I/O redirection section.

This would allow you to redirect console output from nssm tool to some custom text file. This way you will be able to see what error ManagerServer.exe gives when run through nssm and why it’s shutting down upon starting.

Yes, it works, just manual command

  • nssm install managerserver
  • then pop up nssm
  • select path (aplication)
  • and entering command on argument “-port 8090”

Delete all Manager service that have you created, and restart your computer.
copy nssm.exe to folder C:\windows\system32\

Open Terminal as Administrator
run command:


nssm install ManagerServerService "D:\MANAGER\ManagerServer_24.2.23.1315\ManagerServer.exe" -port 80 -path """%LOCALAPPDATA%\Manager"""

Adjust the Application Path, Data Path and Port according to what you are using.


thank you it works