How to handle FOC (free of charge) inventory items?


This is an amazing software and is really helping my small business. I am using the latest version. I found like there are separate fields for inventory items, sales items and purchase items. What I wanted was there should be some connection in between these three so that there is an option to copy the items in every table. Also I think, If I made some sale then the corresponding change to be made in inventory item also. If this is feature is already available please pardon me for this post.

I also need to customize the Invoice. I need tabs like unit price and quantity shown in the invoice and also separation lines between items.

Some items Our company give FOC for the first time. So I need to show unit price and also should be able to edit the Price with FOC. This should also be shown in Invoice also.

Some Fields like some accounts have lock sign in my software. Please help me unlocking the same.

  1. I agree with you that inventory items, sales invoice items and purchase invoice items is kind of confusing. Inventory items are here to stay, there will be something done about invoice items though.

  2. Regarding FOC, do you mean “Free of Charge”? If so, just set unit price for item to 0.00

  3. Accounts that have lock symbol in Chart of Accounts are control account and there is probably no point in editing them anyway. Which one you need to edit and why?


To handle a first-time FOC item, I would set its discount to 100%. Your customer will see the usual unit price on the invoice.

Alternatively, you could create a new line on the invoice to credit the value of the FOC items. If you create an inventory item of “First time FOC discount”, you can even then keep track of the total value of discounts.


I just want to confirm that both solutions mentioned above by @stefanh to handle first-time FOC items are absolutely correct from accounting point of view and both are even better than my original suggestion (setting unit price to 0).


Is it possible to get reports on Quantity Sold basis with the date period selected?


Thanks for the reply. I dont want to edit it. If I make some new sales item in the inventory list, I should enter account in sales of inventory item same with purchase alsoas purchase of inventory I thought that facility have been hidden. What I wanted was relation between inventory, sales and purchase items. Te items I purchase should be available for sales and its inventory should be maintained. May be this facility is already available. Please let me know how to use it.

Also I wanted to see the Qty column, unit price in the invoice generated. Also if there could be separate column for discounts and special discount(To make the invoice look attractive to the customer :slight_smile: ) it would be better for me.

Thanks a lot for this initiative. Its helping me a lot.


thank you lubos and stefanh.

I will do the same. also. I am not able to see the quantity and unit price which is also necessary for me in the invoice while printing. Can you please add option to select that also?


Unit price and quantity column will be visible on printed invoice only if quantity field is not empty. By default it’s empty (it shows grayish “1” as default value but it’s still empty).

Try actually typing “1” or any other quantity to quantity column and invoice will print those extra columns.