How to differentiate cash and bank voucher?

When i started using manager there was different vouching No / Ref for both Now after updating they both have merged so it is difficult for me to distinguish them.

Is there a way to recognized them separately?

Not unless you manually enter references with recognizable prefixes or sequence numbers.

With @Tut tips.

My way of doing is.

The easy way is for bank payment, insert bank abbreviate and cheque serial number in description ( not the line items, is actually the form description that will show in general ledger transaction and bank reconcilliation list ). If bank online payment is the transaction number + bank abbreviate different from the cheque.

If cash usually the one without bank abbreviation. if you like to separate in manager listing, use custom field with pre-define dropdown menu and have it shown in the list. then you can use column filter.

The client account I’m doing is a consulting and training service. rarely dealing with cash. So I have yet figure out the best way of tagging.