Create new inventory item

Sir thank you very much for providing manager.
Sir can we add inventory item/s while making Purchase order/Purchase invoice/Sales invoice/Goods receipt or Delivery note.

Thank you sir

Hello I think you should read the guides
After the Inventory Items are created, you can use them in all the transactions you mention above (Purchase order/Purchase invoice/Sales invoice/Goods receipt or Delivery note)

When you open the guides link,

Search for “Inventory”

If your computer has a Windows operating system (not available on Macs) then you can add “items” on the fly in the Desktop Edition.
For example, if you want to add a new inventory item while being in another tab, such as Purchase Order, then point at the Inventory Item tab, right click and select Open in new window, the window opens with the Inventory Item tab displayed. Create the Inventory Item, then click back on the Manager programme and the Inventory item will be available for selection.

You can do a similar thing on Macs by clicking and dragging the Inventory Items tab itself to another browser window or tab.
So you can actually have several Manager windows open at once.

Sir I know about this. But the question is that if inventory item is not created previously and want to add inventory item alongside when making purchase order.
Thank you sir

Sir thank you very much for your support

I get you now @GAYATRIDAMBAL I think @itmoto has answered you.

It still would be nice in this particular situation to simply have a pop-up of the Inventory panel come up to allow an item to be added quickly (if that’s even possible).