How to change font size

Good day,

Somehow my font size changed, or i did it without knowing that i changed it. How can i change it back to a bigger readable size. I am almost unable to read the fonts on the tax invoices/quotes, etc? On the screen it is normal size, but when i print the invoices or quotes it prints a smaller size font.

If you are using the cloud or server edition, you can use the zoom function in your browser to adjust the font size (usually it’s ctrl & + in windows).

Thank you. I just tried it, but when i print the document, the font size is still very small.

@phillex, are you using a custom theme?

I usually have these keys triggered.

Maybe it’s something else entirely. Maybe there are settings on the site where you can adjust the size of printed invoices, or you print them from your computer?? This needs to be sorted out. Maybe I’m wrong. Sometimes the reason maybe in the font itself. My mother always complained that she couldn’t read, even though the font size was 14, so I downloaded a completely new font for her, changed it, and the problem was solved.