How to allocate commissions for different stores

hi, Sell products at different online stores, prices, offers and commission are different for each website. How can I manage the commission structure for each individual website??

Secondly, there are 3 main heads in sale, shipped, failed delivery payment received and at times its a return. any suggestion about it using this software.

please do give timely reply.

Manager is accounting software. It will allow you to record transactions for almost any business situation. But it will not manage anything for you. Start by reading the Guides: Manager Cloud. The most important task is to design an effective chart of accounts before you start entering transactions, because once accounts have been used, they cannot be disabled.

Create a test company and begin entering what you think will be typical transactions. You can have as many companies as you want.

That depends on who generates the commission charges - you or the website.

The different online stores activity can be recorded via Tracking Codes, one code per store.

thanks for reply.
Actually I m working with 6 different stores and their Commissions Vary.
website A 10%Debit Sales ((I pay them commission after 1 Month)
Website B 15% Debit Sales (I pay them commission after 15 days)
Website C 6% Credit Sales (they pay after 35 days)
Website D 8%Credit Sales (they pay after 21 days)

As I m trying to make it a Brand, therefore, Prices are same on each Store.( I m okie with Inventory. Purchases are all cash based.

So, if I Add Customer name there, and in Option ORDER NUMBER its respective detail. Its a problem, and if I put my sites as customers, tracking their PO is a problem again as I Miss on customer(end buyers data).

last, I get payment from delivery company against Debit Sales and pay Website A&B later. and from Websites C&D receive payment later on after commission is deducted.

Commission is Variable. for all websites.( percentage of Sales Price)
Website A&B Model is of Cash On Delivery ( Payment to be paid at time of Receiving. . (whose payment to receive from Shipping Company and pay them their Commission).
Website C& D Model is of Drop Shipping. . (whose payment to receive they deduct shipping charges ).

Have to Make 1 system which Deducts Commissions right away without showing it on Invoice.( As Invoice has to be sent to CUSTOMER).

So I get what I m paying and Receiving.

Last, We do get Failed Deliveries and at Times Returns as well. How to Manage that in terms of Record Keeping. How to Make an Order/Sales/ as Discarded.

For Webiste A&B we charge Delivery Charges (Custom Entry as per Location of an Order/SALE) Incase of Unsucessful Sale Delivery Charges are EXPENSE. ( Secondly its little low than charged as well because of we have to keep Recovery margin against Unsuccessful Sales(Orders).

For Website C&D ( we have to put delivey charges on Invoice on Behalf of that Website but we don’t pay neither charges against Unsucessful Sale.

  • unsuccessful sale is refuse to accept as 99% of Sales here are on Cash On Delivery type.

Sir, Please help Me Out. ( its quite detailed I tried to enlist all the issues.).

The thing would be, to handle the commission components as part of receiving payments, not the invoicing, because the commission doesn’t arise until the payment is made.

You send a customer an invoice for 100 and the delivery company sends you 90, therefore you would in effective receive 100 against the customer and then add a line showing the commission as a minus amount

Also in the above screenshot, the customer accounts receivable accounts have been group by website “AR Website A”, so you cab see how much is outstanding per website.

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thanks once again for Reply. Where and How to Get it Done.
Secondly, How to put Automatic Variation?

Website Give orders through their PO Numbers, We want Details of Customers As well. To be used later on Like their Contact Numbers and Emails.
Last, In case of Failed Delivery/ Return we want that Product back in Stock, Deducted(Debited from Account Receivable/A Payable) & also from Sales.

Kindly Update me about these. I have check youtube not been able to get (understand) as its not been addressed in the Videos.
Its Kinda Complex.

Where and how to get what done?
If you are referring to the above illustration then you use Receive Money.

Automatic variation where ?

Issue a Credit Note

Have you read the Guides ?

While there are some videos that have been posted by users, none are official and none are up to date.

Above is sorted. Although have to Put mannually for Each Entry. for 30 orders Have to Generate 30 Credit notes.

Please send me a screen shot of Sales Invoice and Chart of Accounts formation. It will be really helping.

I hope with Screen shot i ll be able to sort the inventroy issue as well. as there are categories. want it to define each catergory apart from SKU.

thanks again fro your support

Sales Invoice Manager Cloud
Chart of Accounts Manager Cloud
Inventory Categories Manager Cloud

hi, Brucanna, firstly thanks once again fro your time Sir. Everything is sorted. Alhumdolillah. Though have to make so many entries Now separately.

Last Question: If i get a product back, at times customer refuses to accept mainly we deliver CASH on Delivery basis ( even the websites they Name them Failed Deliveries). How to put or reverse the transactions.

Its mostly accounting based but i dont know how to do it.

meaning, instead of deleting the invoice, is there any other way to mark it as returned so inventory comes back to its level while it just keeps in our record as well.

for COD you would not have entered a cash receipt.
so just make the credit note for the sales invoice and make sure the correct inventory is selected.
this will add stock back in your inventory and the customer outstanding will be adjusted.

read this guide on credit notes

thanks mate but the Price of Product is reduced.Why??

But only because you are recording “cash” sales as “credit” sales so you can build up Customer database.

Where is it reduced ?