How to handle E-Commerce payments?

I am a registered seller with several E-Commerce portals (flipkart,snapdeal,amazon,etc) and i am using manager to handle the invoices. The problem i am facing is, that the sale invoice are in the name of the customers, but the payment received is from Flipkart,snapdeal,amazon and so on. Also the payment received might be a combined payment of multiple sales.

Because of this all my sale invoices are still due and its showing me the net amount in “accounts Receivable”.

How to handle this and mark all invoices as paid.


Receive money, but break the receipt into line items, each of which is the value of a specific invoice. Allocate that line item to the invoice.

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I think this work. I’ll try this.

But there is another thing that might create a problem. The money received from (lets say Amazon) is not the exact amount of the invoice, they deduct their commission and other charges and then transfer the payment.

With the current payment cycle (20 days), its very difficult to keep track of how much money did i actually receive for a particular sale invoice.

Cant we treat Amazon as a separate customer, and the money received from Amazon is added to “customer credit” and if i receive money for a particular invoice i can deduct it from Amazon’s customer credit.

This way i even get to know my profilt/loss from from Amazon

You can’t mix customer credits for Amazon with amounts owed on sales invoices by other suppliers. What I initially said just takes advantage of the fact that Manager will allow you to accept money from anybody to apply to any sales invoice(s).

I don’t do any e-commerce through Manager, so others will probably have better ideas. But Amazon isn’t a customer, because you didn’t sell them anything. They are a supplier who renders you a processing/delivery/collection service. Since they take their cut automatically, though, you don’t need purchase invoices for them, or probably even to set them up as a supplier. You might enter their fees as negative numbers on a receipt transaction, allocating that line item to an expense account.

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That’s not a problem. You will need to add negative line item to capture these charges. This article covers it: