How to add VAT & Items amount in the receipt

how to show total calculate amount of VAT and items amount in the receipt?

your question is not clear.
please start by reading the guides Guides | Manager

lets suppose I have one items which I sell on 350 rupees to add GST 17 percent is 56.53 rupees so when I generate invoice its show both amount sale price 350 and GST price 56.53 seperately and amount in words its reflecting one the sale amount not a total of sale plus GST. kindly guide me in this regards.

It looks like you are using VAT inclusive pricing - see here Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices | Manager

Please show the edit screen of the invoice and the edit screen for your tax code GST

here you have both requested screen shoot for your references and advice.

also is it possible to share whats app no. for quick support or help please as I am facing issue with my TAX invoice while generating tax invoice.

in your Tax Code setting, uncheck the Reverse Charged option.

perfect its work.
now I have issue with the excel calculation v/s Manager system calculation adding 17 percent GST.
formula in excel is: 255.56 is exclusive GST & Inclusive tax amount 299100/117 then qtyExclusive GST amount is equal to 21.466.67 Rupees then 21.466.67 Exclusive GST amount *55percent discount/100 is equal to 11807 Rupees then amount of 11807/Qty will come each price of dealer cost 141 rupees
below is the both screen shoot for your references and advise.

Kindly guide me accordingly.

Can you please list try the formula as at and show us a screenshot of the results. I can not make sense of your spreadsheet and think you do not apply the proper GST formula.

This formula is easier Best GST Calculator to Calculate Your GST Amount Online under Different Tax Slabs

Filling your details I get:

this GST Calculator is for India Region and we are in Pakistan where apply 17% GST.
the formula I have created in excel sheet is correct and approved by customer too. as per in my above Message and Screen shoot. please help me to fix this GST amount or is there any other option to add GST in manual formal as per above excel formula, we love to use this software.

why are you calculating GST on 299 when you are already giving 55% discount on the unit price?
your unit price after discount is 134.55 which gives a subtotal 134.55*84 = 11302.20
GST 17% should be calculated on 11302.20 which is calculated correctly by Manager 1921.37
therefore the total 13223.57 is also correct.

I first posted here that there was a discrepancy but I used the wrong info 322.50 rather than 332.50 as per second post (original example @adnanq based on 350 with 5% discount and 17% GST Pakistan) The resulting GST of 56.53 was correct in Manager

and equal to the online calculators GST Calculator Pakistan


Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 15.31.48

You are correct and if not adding any discount on the line item Manager would also provide the same GST as the online calculators, see screenshots. Question is however, how does Manager come to a different figure when adding the discount into the line?

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 15.05.11

how did you arrive at the figure 322.50 ?
the OP had a discount of 55% but you only used 5%.

anyway even if we go by the 5% discount as an example, 5% of 350 is 17.50
so the unit price becomes 350-17.50 = 332.50 (Manager calculates correctly).
now applying GST 17% on 332.50 gives you 56.53 (Manager calculates correctly).
the Total is 332.50 + 56.63 = 389.03 (Manager calculates correctly).

Manager first applies the discount to the unit price and then multiplies the discounted unit price with the quantity. this is the correct way.

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Thanks, I should have filled 332.50. I used the example by @adnang in post 2. Using the Pakistan caluclators with 332.50 give the correct result in Manager. I will delete the post with the discrepancy which did not exist but will copy some info below such as the links to the online calculators.

GST Calculator Pakistan and

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Hi Team,

Got it and it should be good now, if any support required again I will post a ticket.
thanks for your help, support and assistance.
appreciate :grinning:

Manager does not have a Ticket system. We are volunteers trying to help.

I understood, really appreciate for your help and support