How to add stock to my inventory items in bulk


i have aroung 6000 items added using patch create and was wondering if i can add qty to these items all at the same time as well.


Quantities are added to inventory through purchase invoices or payments. Both can be entered via Batch Create.

but i have so many items, and dont know what item corresponds to what quantity.

i heard that there are keys to use but i dont know how to use them.

Look at Search results for 'VLOOKUP ' - Manager Forum

in Inventory module select Batch Update / Copy. Then paste into Excel. In the table you can see the key in the last column. Try to work with vlookup to get this key transferred to a batch create table, see below.

I don’t know exactly the circumstances in this case but bear in mind what @tut said that …“Quantities are added to inventory through purchase invoices or payments”. This is so that cost amount is attached to quantity so the margin or profit can be calculated for each inventory item.

But if this is stock adjustment after recount etc then quantity changes are delt with differently depending on if it is increase or decrease.

Module Inventory write-offs is used. see guides Write off inventory | Manager

Module journal entries is used. See guides Write on inventory | Manager

if your case entails adding quantity then go to module journal entry and add one record for some inventory item you select from the dropdown, where quantity is 0 and amount is empty. Then in the same module choose Batch update and paste in Excel. In that table you see how to structure your input table when doing the Batch create. As @patch said, you can also search and read forumposts to understand better

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