How to add extra image to an invoice template?


In invoice template has a single logo; that’s pretty standard.

But because I am a registered massage therapist with a particular organisation. I’m allowed to depict the organisation’s logo at the bottom of the invoice.

Can this be done, and if yes, how exactly?


Manager allows only one logo. To show anything else, you would need a custom theme into which you would hard-code a URL for the image source.

By far the easier approach is to create an image combining your logo with the organization’s logo.


Thanks for your answer!

OK, I indeed created a custom theme for my invoice some time ago, but I’m wondering what to specify as the URL of an extra img-tag within the template?! How to specify for example a relative URL?
The option to combine the organisation’s logo with my logo, that’s an option I don’t prefer, sorry!


Best thing for themes I have found is to use Base64 Image encoding.
Go to for ex. at and drop your logo and you will get a long string begining with "data:image/jpeg;base64xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........."
Paste that in <img src="data:image/jpeg;base64xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.........."> and use it wherever you want.
for example

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You can use custom fields of type image, but the image must be hosted at some other location, attaching to the program only works for onscreen display and not generating pdf files. Probably go with MarV’s idea and generate base64 version, which does work, but put it into the custom theme cause it’s a large amount of data to store in custom fields for each invoice generated.

Hi MarkLL,

Thank you very much for sharing this short, and clear how-to with me;
very nice!

I tried it and it works very well indeed, so my issue is solved, really