How long does the server trail go for

how long does the server trail go for

Right now, the audit trail will show only the last 500 events but that’s just user interface limitation. Paging will be added soon and there won’t be a limit how far back you can go.

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@lubos has audit trail been added? I went to check the road map and it still sitting on the list.

I think he is actually asking how long the server trial goes for before needing a paid licence.

@Harry1, you might be right.

@Abeiku, audit trail is still being worked on. If you are on server or cloud edition, there is “Audit Trail” button in top-right corner to show you events. Desktop edition will have audit trail too.

Yes @lubos , I have seen it there and was very pleased. I will comment when you are done with it but here is a little something.

  1. Let is show reference number.
  2. If possible the transaction total
  3. And let it have the view/edit button
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Hi Lubos,
Audit Trail is a fantastic Addition!
I do believe however that if it were to show which Invoice number, Sales quote number is being worked upon it will make it more relevant. Now in the below example, I know that an invoice is deleted, but I have no way to know which one.

Do you see this being added any time soon?