How is inventory amount updated in write-on?

I understand using Journal entries to add inventory items value back in for incorrect manual inventory counts. this is my first year using your software so it appears that the incorrect count was actually input into the system when it was first set up (i.e. I can’t ‘undo’ a write-off).

So - value can be corrected as necessary but how do I actually get the inventory count to go up as well? there didn’t seem to be anything in the Guides or in other posts on the forum to cover this.


Go to Starting Balances under settings. Drill down in Inventory on hand and edit the starting balance quantity for the item in question.

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Okay. when i did that I ended up with an amount in suspense. I did a journal entry to update the Inventory On-Hand amount (debit) and now have a positive amount for Starting Balance Equity and an equal negative amount in the Suspense category. Will i just end up having those two items always showing in the Summary or is there a way to actually get them out of there?

Firstly, @KrisK, if you are going to adjust the starting quantity for an inventory item you also need to adjust another starting balance so that a contra (debit / credit) occurs.

So if the quantity adjustment was an increase, then a debit would have occurred to the Inventory on hand, to contra this another starting balance needs to be adjust by an equalising credit, otherwise your starting balances will be out of balance. (This is what the prior advise failed to mention.)

As you are coming from a prior accounting system, the last balance sheet from that system should exactly match the opening balances entered into Manager. So I suggest that you start there by reconciling between the two.

This Journal should never be required: entering the adjusted opening balance quantity will automatically adjust the inventory on hand amount via the quantity x price calculation.

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that was indeed the missing bit. Thanks so much!