Adjusting Stock on Hand

After doing a stock check, I’ve found that some of my figures are out.

Could someone please let me know how these figures can be corrected ?

You could do a Journal Entry, Account = Inventory on hand and Debits for additions and Credits for subtractions. Regardless of debit or credit, enter quantity value as positives (not minus) then for any adjusting balance select an appropriate account - unfortunately Inventory - Cost can’t be selected in Journals.

Alternatively, to adjust Inventory - Cost account create a zero value Sales Invoice or Cash (Receive Money) Invoice by just entering positive or negative quantity values against the Inventory Items but with no sale values.

Under Customise there is an Inventory Write Off module but the draw back here is that you can only enter Write downs - deductions but not Write ups - additions

Thanks so much Brucanna - Much Appreciated !