How i can Add Footer picture in To Sales Quotes

I have an Image it take all page wide as a footer
How I can Add it to Sales Quotes footer
I will be glade if that is possible

Use html code for images.

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this code i Put it in Footer
img src=“G:\new letterhead 2022 footer.png” alt=“My Image”

I put this code between <>

and this result

please what should i DO


and, particularly, the sentence

Rather than incorporate the image itself into Manager’s business data file, the image must be stored at a web-accessible location. HTML code is entered into the custom field referencing the URL of the stored image.

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i have this link here

I tried this code in footer and custom field
img src=“Imgur: The magic of the Internet
between <>
and this is result


Does the note at the bottom of the guide help?
Add an image to a custom field | Manager

@Ahmed_Saif may be this will help you


You need the direct link to the image, which can be obtained by clicking the image in Imgur:

You can use local images by creating a folder named, e.g., Images and add the image(s) as attachment. When you click the image name, a new window will open with the URL to that image, which you can paste in a custom field or footer.

If you want the image to take the whole width of the page, then use the code style="width:100%;


thank you very Much

really thank you very Much