How do I print a reconciliation report

Hi, love the program so far, but I’ve looked everywhere, where do I print a reconciliation report?

There is not currently such a report. Manager supports the process of reconciliation (see, and the Bank Accounts tab page furnishes the information typically found on a manual reconciliation report for error-free sets of accounts (see That tab could be exported. But the program does not produce a list of mistakes you might have fixed during reconciliation.

The reconciliation report is one example among many of steps that used to be necessary with old-fashioned manual accounting that no longer have much purpose. (Year-end closing entries are another.)

The bank reconciliation report hasn’t been implemented yet but it is #2 item on the roadmap, see:

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Thanks for that, it is a very necessary tool. Hope it doesn’t take long.

i have introduced my friend.
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I’m not sure about such a report being superfluous: cheque payments would normally be entered in Manager on the date issued; those cheques might not be presented to the bank until some time later; there is then a need to reconcile the balance on the bank statement with the bank balance in Manager and a statement is useful for reconciling at the end of the following period.

Uncleared deposits feature was added for just that purpose quite some time ago. What version of Manager are you using?