How can I tell what version of Manager I'm using?


I’m using Manager 14.12.50, but can anyone tell me whether it’s cloud based or desktop based? I have an icon on my desktop I use to open it but never have to save anything as it’s all done automatically.


Desktop based and very out of date - the current version is 18.4.nn

Gosh, no wonder it keeps crashing. Can you advise how to update please?

Click on the Desktop Edition button at the top of the Forum page.
Because of the age difference make sure you have independent backups.
You can do the new install without needing to uninstall the old version.

Hey @Brucanna, and what about the cloud edition? Does it automatically update? Or do I need to update it manually? (I’m having the same problem as @Joolshicks, on not nowing which version do I have).

Read the Guide: Manager Cloud. The cloud edition is always up to date.

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