Change email address

I need you to change my email address because the existing one is not working on my computer.
Please change it

I can’t login to forum with the old email and I have a serious error, problem which I need help with.

No one on this forum can make changes to your Manager account

I presume you are talking about your Cloud service

It’s not very wise to publish your email address on a public forum!

@JAV I have edited your post and removed personal information.

Now, is this email used for Manager Cloud or just for the forum?

What are you not able to acces? Is it:

  • Your cloud subscription?
  • The forum?
  • Your email account?

I have been unable to access the forum because it would not recognise. Are you weather was a member.
I needed to change email address in order to be able to login
And the reason I needed to be able to login is because I have a huge error message which is blocking my use of manager

Obviously, you have logged into the forum. Otherwise you would not be able to post. So nothing you have said makes any sense.

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  1. You just need to click forgot password when you login to the forum and you will get a reset link sent to your email.

  2. You can definitely use this account to post your error report right now before you reset the other password.