How do I activate or set up the Departmental Accounting

I have installed the desktop version.

The features list includes “Departmental Accounting” with a pop up description of “Track financial performance by division.”

I have done searches on the forum and have poked around the software but have not found where to set up the departments.

Can someone provide a description of where I set up departments?

See Guides | Manager

Thanks lubos.

One tip for anyone else having trouble finding this. Tacking codes do not by default show up under Settings, you have to activate it by clicking on customize. I was clicking on the wrong customize. At least in my version when I click on the settings tab there is a clickable link labeled customize in blue text just underneath the tab. That is the wrong customize, you have to click on the customize that is in the white box in the gray settings title bar.

My apologies if my terminology is different from what is using but hopefully the description is enough to get you to the correct customization list.