How can I send the application to another computer

I have the free edition and on a desktop. how can I email it to be used on another disktop and cancel it from the original first disktop.

Thank you

Have you read the guide Backup, restore and transfer businesses?

This is explained clearly here

Hi Aser
Just do a backup. Copy the backup file to your new computer. With set up on the new computer, import the backup file using the ‘Add Business’ (import business option) button. The backup file will have a back back date included in the file name. Rename the imported business as you need (there is a ‘rename’ link next to the business name). You are now set up on the new computer. Check the balance sheet and P&L statements match between the two computers. If so, you can now delete from the old computer if you wish.
Cheers… Richard

Many thanks for the great and prompt help and detailed assistance. it is worked now. have a nice day!

thank you