How Can I Adjust Payslips in Accounts Automatically?

How Can I Adjust Payslips in Accounts Automatically?

Please explain what you are actually hoping to be automated.

I suggest starting with a recurring payslip for each employee pre populated with the information which is constant for that employee each pay period.

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If I pay from petty cash it is not adjusted automatically from account

Pay what from petty cash?

  • the employees pay:- you would need to enter a payment to the employee clearing account to document that.

  • an employee purchases a business item from petty cash: that is not a payslip transaction

  • an employee purchases a personal item from petty cash: that’s bad business practice but could be entered as a pay advance then deducted from the next pay. A manual process as there is no way Manager should encourage that practice.

Agreed but if we make payslip how can that be adjusted from the account?
S O R R Y I am newly using MANAGER & also not a accounts person.
running a small business.

Please answer this question.
You may know what you want to achieve but I have no idea.

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@SMARTS you are new to this forum so welcome on board.

In order to get help in this forum, you need to make it clear what your problem actually is. This can be done by providing a complete description of your situation:

  1. what version and edition of Manager you are using,
  2. what you are currently doing,
  3. what you are trying to achieve, and
  4. what do you get instead.

Also, providing screenshots will help in troubleshooting your case much faster and avoid lengthy frustrating interactions.

Please answer the questions by @Patch since those will make it clear as to what you are trying to achieve. Please feel free to attach as many illustrating screenshots.

Pay Salary from Petty Cash.

Actually once I pay salary from Petty cash it is always showing on summary “Balance Sheet”

Share a screenshot of the Edit screen of the said payment.

Also, share a screenshot of the Summary page and drill down to where you see the problem and share a screenshot of that as well.

Thank you, now we can start discussing your problem.

  • How are you tracking your petty cash? Have you created a petty cash bank account in Manager, see this guide Set up a bank or cash account. If not your accounting problems are much larger than recording employee payments.

  • How are you entering your payslip payments? When you enter a payslip you document a liability for your business (the same as a purchase invoice). You have to the pay that liability and record that transaction in Manager as a payment (from your petty cash bank account). See this guide Pay employees