Housing Society

I am maintaining housing society accounts on manager. Society charge maintenance to residents and sometimes need to raise funds for developments.

I would be thankful if someone explain the following %

  1. For maintenance charges, the invoices are issued to the members through sales module. Society not need qty field, how can I remove qty from invoice?

  2. For collection of development funds, society needs to debit the members (customer) and credit the development fund (equity). When the funds get received from the members, the society credit the member (customer) and the debit bank account. I don’t see anyway, if I can debit specific customer through journal voucher. Is it possible?


  1. You cannot remove Qty from the entry screen. But, if you leave it blank and simply enter an amount under the unit price, the quantity column will not appear on the finished document.

  2. No, that is not possible. Transactions involving the movement of money are entered in the Receipts & Payments tab. See the Guides: Record a receipt | Manager and Record a payment | Manager.

Use a sales invoice with line item to Development fund (equity). When customer pays create receipt against sales invoice

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Thank you @AJD .