Horizontal form of Profit and loss a/c & Balance Sheet

Can you enable an option to view and export Profit and loss a/c & Balance Sheet in Horizontal form also in addition to existing g formats? That will be useful for countries like India.

If you are referring to landscape layout instead of portrait layout, this is under control of the print dialog for your operating system and printer. Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get application. So the screen display does not represent what will print for these reports.

Thanks for the prompt reply. But I am not referring to layout. The p&l a/c & Balancesheet in conventional in T form. Ie Expenditure on left and income on right and similarly liabilities on left and assets on right side. In India mostly this format is used by traders except large companies which uses vertical form.

The only solution available would be to export the reports to Excel and reformat it there

Yes. That is what I am doing now. Thanks.