Horizental screen-space saving

Following up on the idea of svaing screen space
would not turning the fuctions of Manager into a drop down menu at the top of the screen help with saving more screen-space horizantally and make more space for coloums

Have you tried this

That’s not what I meant I meant dropdown list from the top
and the functions relating to 1 part banded together ex: ( sales (order,qoute,invoice & customers)) together in the same dropdown

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking for - maybe a screen image would help me to see what you are trying to do

I know that the linking of the tabs has been asked about before and may even be in the ideas category

He’s asking for a top-menu bar with dropdowns like you see on a number of websites. This is a matter of preference (I like as it is). However a top-menu is enabled in Manager when using smaller screen/window sizes. Just reduce to tablet size and you will see the left navigation become top-navigation but without dropdown menus.

Thanks for explaining
I saw a pinned post yesterday about editing the coloums that will be shown in each panel to make more horizantal space for important coloumns
I thought that would be an added value to the idea without downgrading the window/screen size