History Button


Would it be in your plans to have a [History] Button above pages “Sales Quote” & Sales Invoice" to see how a Quote, Invoice and Payment/s are connected.


I don’t use quotes, so I can’t comment on that, but you can see the link to payment of an invoice by clicking on the blue number (’$0.00’ if it’s been paid in full) in the ‘Balance due’ column. That brings up a window which shows you the date of both the invoice and payment.

I always thought it would be nice though to see some link to the payment when viewing the actual invoice. You see the ‘Paid’ stamp (if your invoice template includes it), but no date of payment.


Every thing I do starts with a Quote (which I renamed to “Work Order / Quote”), The Work Order / Quote will eventually become an Invoice, even if it is no charge. I do that so it has a History.

It is possible to View a Sales Invoice, and from there you can view Quote and Payment, and that is wonderful. However, if you view a Quote, you can’t tell if it has been invoiced or not.

It would be helpful if creating Invoice from a Quote, Manager would pop up a message if an Invoice had already been created, thus preventing multiple Invoices from a single Quote.