Help in custom reports

Hi guys,

I need some help in custom reports if anyone can help!

We use Payments & Receipts’ status field to record collections/month done by our salesmen, we set the status to “Pending” in case the payment is a “future dated cheque”, and once the cheque is cleared in bank, we change the status to cleared and enter the clearance date as per the bank statement.

I was able to generate a custom report to show all collections (Receipts) per salesman (added dropdown list custom field named “Salesman” into Payments & Receipts"), but since pending cheques are not considered collected unless they are cleared as per company policy, i can’t find a way to tell the custom report to only show the cleared receipts within a period, and to consider the clearance date instead of the receipt date, any ideas?

I thought of adding more custom fields like another custom clearance status to show “Pending or Cleared” since the original Status field does not seem to show up in the custom reports functionality, but couldn’t apply the idea.

Any potential solution for this :point_up: guys?