Custom report to obtain payment information

Hi guys, could anyone let me know if it is possible to achieve latest date of payment and amount of all the customers by custom report?

This report is very important for me as I give credit to most of my clients and want to track which customers misses weekly payments or pays lower than agreed.

I do not believe that this is possible using the Custom Reports functionality, because it is not possible to join multiple tables together - Custom Reports only query a single table at a time.

The way I handle similar situations is to set up Recurring Sales Invoices. If they have made an agreement with you to pay every week a certain amount, set up the recurring invoice to match the weekly payment.

  • If they fall behind on their payments, you will clearly see that they owe you money in the Accounts receivable column of the Customers tab.
  • At any given time, you can generate a Customer Statement which clearly shows a charge against their account every week, and the payments that they have made against their balance.

Note: Don’t forget to set an end date for the recurring invoice, if it applies! That way you won’t accidentally over-charge them.