Headers are no longer on page

I have updated one of my computers to the latest version, at least yesterdays. I now find that I no longer have the headings

Back Businesses Users Preferences About Manager

I just have a reverse arrow for back?

Would this be correct


Yes. The top menu has been removed from desktop edition.

See: [17.4.0] Phasing out "Application Data" folder in desktop edition

Hi @lubos, thank you for that info. So we no longer have any idea what version we happen to be running at any time, and whether or not we need to update.

Look in the top right corner on the home page - in very light grey (maybe with a magnifying glass)

You will need to update the other computers to near the same version before opening Manager files on them otherwise data issues will arise e.g. the latest version now uses proper names for the business data files, the previous versions used cryptic names, so the older version wont be able to recognise the proper name files.

@norfolkislandam, this Guide might help: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/application-data. Also this one:
https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/data-backup-restoration-and-transfer. Both have been rewritten to reflect the change.

Hi @Brucanna Thank you, have it now

Hi @Tut, Thank you for the information, just didn’t realise there had been a change, so have updated all