GST report issues

I was using e-records prior to Manager
I have just input all sales and income figures into Manager and e-record (just as a comparison as I want to ditch e records) and ran the GST BAS report and got different figures…any ideas how i can troubleshoot this please?

I have added expenses, income in Manager - could someone please confirm where i should see all the expenses and income ive added in Manager - i may have double entered something but I am not sure what screens to check
thanks for any help

Your post is confusing. You said first that you put all sales and income figures into both Manager and e-record. Then you said you added expenses and income in Manager. You cannot compare results from two programs with different inputs.

Regardless of what you meant, you need to provide specific information, preferably with screen shots before anyone will be able to help you. “…got different figures…” does not explain your problem. Where? Compared to what?

Do you mean on the BST worksheet? Or the Summary? Or the P&L? Or the Balance Sheet? And then what are the figures for? How was your chart of accounts set up?

I would not waste time comparing e-record to Manager. Some actions you can take to verify the accuracy of the Manager GST figures are as follows:

  1. Make sure your Summary Page is set to the correct reporting period.
  2. If using Manager as a Cash Book, check if your final bank account balance is correct. This will ensure you have not missed any transactions.
  3. Under the Reports tab, use the Tax Audit report to check if GST was correctly allocated to transactions. Click on any totals to drill down to individual transactions and edit any errors.

ok i input the same expenses and payments received in e-record and manager and produced a quarterly BAS
statement - i needed to be sure the numbers from Manager agreed with e-record and they dont - by numbers i mean
G1 total sales G11 none capital purchases G20 gst on purchases and G1 GST on sales - hence giving me a
different figure as to what i owe the ATO
Re chart of accounts I have just added my own groups under income and expenses

thanks Tony but i wanted to have confidence that if i enter the same income and expense figures in e-records and manager that the GST figures ie total sales, non capital purchases and GST on sales and purchases were the same in both software packages - they are not.

  1. Yes summary page is set to cash basis
  2. i have set up a fictional CASH account - it is not meant to match my bank account
  3. under the tax audit report all income and expenses are listed under GST 10% column - assets and liabilities totals are listed under NO TAX


Do the P&L’s match between the two systems - Income Sales = Income Sales
If everything matches then do all the transactions have the right/same tax treatment.
Use Tax reports to verify.

Why do you assume that Manager is wrong.

If you only have GST transactions then you can do the following calculations to valid the BAS
If your Total Sales are:
Tax Inclusive - divide by 11, this should equal GST on Sales
Tax exclusive - divide by 10, ditto

If your Total Sales includes non-GST items (interest), adjust Total Sales and repeat above.
Repeat for Purchases

I am sorry, @suet, but your response to my post is even more confusing than your original post. You did not answer most of my questions, and certainly did not give detailed information or screen shots. So I can’t begin to help you.

You are also getting into specific Australian tax questions on which I am not qualified to offer help.

Hi Tut i dont see how its confusing - I have income and I have expenses - I enter these same figures into e-records and Manager - i run a BAS report for the quarter and the figures for total sales and gst on sales and purchases are different in e-records bas report and manager bas report - its pretty simple - i am just trying to resolve why the difference

If it wasn’t confusing, you wouldn’t be confused. Remember, you haven’t shown a single number, presented any transactions, or explained how your accounts are set up in either program, so it is not just confusing but impossible for someone else to diagnose why you are having difficulties. All others can do is offer vague suggestions on things to check.

Are both reports on the same basis - tax inclusive v’s tax exclusive
Just focusing on sales for now, why don’t you provide the following information
Detail - e-records / manager
P&L Sales - /
BAS Sales - /

The BAS is based on formula calculations, nothing vague in that.

@suet I haven’t used e-record for at least ten years. The ATO stopped supporting it a very long time ago and I probably already shredded any data files from e-record to be in a position to help you on which detailed report you can compare to a Manager report. What you can do is set up a sample business on Manager with only 10 - 20 transactions and do the same on e-record and compare the results which you can tally manually.

thanks Tony will do - I only have a difference of $50 in total sales and $ 200 in non capital purchases - just cant pick where the error is
thanks anyway