GST on import in New Zealand

Sorry for the heading but I am not sure if my question was seen as I ended up in a different screen. I was asking about GST and importing on the bottom of an old topic and I thought it would go to the top but then I don’t know what happened. Anyway I was following the steps on post “GST on importation” and I got stuck.This was my question…
I am a bit confused I have done the purchase invoice as above(first one I
have done) I used the Australian GST Free as there is none for NZ.
Total 850.00
Now I have the freight invoice who handles customs as well it has
Customs GST 179.70 which has Paid next to it
Handling charges Zero Rated 137.44
Then all their other expenses which are at our 15% GST
There is no total of 850.00 on it. to back an amount off

Are you in Australia or New Zealand?

I am in New Zealand.

I have used journals for the last 10 years and hesitated when you said use purchases and sales invoices but I did the last lot of data entry in the sales and purchases invoice and found it easier than I expected :smile: In fact will keep doing it that way. I thought I would have to do individual ones but I could still do the list of purchases for the month in the one invoice and I can keep track easier of how many are done which = how many months I am up to at a glance.I just have this last thing to do on this set of accounts.They bought from the USA some vacuum cleaners I have converted the USA to NZ =850.00nz.I have deleted the purchase order as I used Australia GST free as you made it sound it would not work. So I am ready to start again.

Invoice 3 x vacume cleaners 850.00nz

The freight invoice has
Customs GST Exempt Paid 179.70nz
Customs clearance 46.89nz
Handling charge zero rated 137.49nz
handling charge 242.00nz
Compliance fee 20.00nz
clearance fee 75.00nz
additional fee 14.00nz

Check the latest version (15.2.56). I’ve added new in-built tax code for New Zealand called “GST 15% on Imports”

The next step is to have proper GST worksheet for New Zealand like the one there is for Australia for more clarity.

I need to look up what is required to report on GST return, then implement it.

Thanks You have done a few up grades in the last day. If you need any info on our GST feel free to ask.

Do you have a screenshot of GST return you need to lodge? Something similar to:

But for New Zealand.

Do you have an email address I can scan and send it to you or are we able to up load a doc to this forum. We have a sheet and a book that tells us how to do your GST but it is 52 pages long

Hope this is the right way to do it? if you want the book then I will have to email or up load it

The latest version (19.5.69) adds GST Return for New Zealand

It does handle GST on Imports tax code too.

@lubos I have just down loaded the latest one but I am not sure where to find it

Got it you are a genius well done this just gets better and better now just awaiting on something to improve fixed assets and depreciation

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@Lubos we are supposed to put the GST on imports in the purchases in the credit adjustment box(13).
and it is not there. so maybe I am doing something wrong. here is a screen shot of how I am doing it

it shows it seperatly in the Tax summary sheet

Have I done it wrong does sombody know as it is supposed to show in box 13 of our GST return but its not