GST 15% on import (NZ) is it possible to for details to show on Tax Audit Report

I am new to Manager, I am using the Desktop Version and do the accounts for a new small business that imports goods for sale.

I am trying to do the tax return (first one) which has the GST on import entry.

Is it possible for GST 15% on Imports (NZ) details to show on the Tax Audit Report and how do I set it up so that it shows.

I’ve attached a copy of my report which has the column for it but not amounts

Would it not be treated as buying an item locally… ? Add GST to buy price, it will then show in the Tax Audit.

No as the invoice is for the GST only content, it is not an expenses +gst invoice.

Can you also show screenshot of your Tax Summary report?

I’m attaching a copy of both the invoice and the Tax Summary.
I may not be entering the invoice properly so if you can suggest an alternative way of entering the invoice I’d really appreciate it. (In my paid job I can enter the GST on imports against the GST control using Quick Books & Xero but this doesn’t seem possible with Manager )

Selecting GST 15% on imports tax code is basically the same as putting amount against the GST control account.

It’s just that Tax Audit doesn’t recognize it properly (yet) but you can see in Tax Summary, it is accounted for.

Hi Lubos,
Thanks so much, it’s my son’s business and I want to get it right, I thought maybe i had entered it wrong.

Hopefully sometime in the future it will show on the Tax Audit report… :yum:

Thanks again, have a great day