GST not tagged on Inventory batch upload

Used used the batch upload for around 4,400 items, and none have GST included. So I reeeaally don’t want to edit each one. Can this be solved

You need to provide more information. Where did you upload from? What batch operation are you performing? Did the original data include GST? Where are you expecting GST to be applied? Is the GST you refer to tax someone charged you or tax you will charge your customer? Etc.

Hi Tut, thanks so much for responding.
I used a trick I saw on youtube, Manager Bulk import Customers and Inventory - YouTube .
so I arrange the columns in my spreadsheet to line up with the template, and then uploaded it. Worked a treat, but the found that the GST was not applied, and there is no provision in the template for this field. Don’t worry too much, as I may just enter the items as I go, as these are parts used for 20 years on a good ole DOS program.

Yeah, unfortunately tax field is not yet supported.