GST Issue in latest update

Hi I am a new user, love the software, I am a Small company based in NZ, I am having an issue with filing a GST return in reports since I upgraded the software to 19.6.82 to overcome the email issue, which is now working. Back to the GST problem, since the upgrade when I open reports/ GST Return, enter a set of dates, and click on view, I get the GST Return form, but No data. If I open Tax Transaction report It shows the correct
data there. In, Settings/chart of Accounts,I have it set (Name) GST, (Group) Liabilities
(Tax Code), No Tax. If I switch it over to (tax Code) GST, and click on the view button
in Reports,GST Return, the program crashes, What am I doing wrong

Can you try importing the report from here?

Thank You lubos, fixed the problem just Like that,Your a Genius,
Love the System Cheers Wal