GST/HST calc

I found your product online and started using to test it. I am using the linux (Zorin) version and I like the simplicity of the functions and the help setup is great.

In testing this product I have found that if i enter a deductive amount in my invoice line (ie. -50)it is then applied to get the sub-total calculations, the GST/HST is calculated but not on the sub-total amount. Is their a reason for this.

This would be an issue if applying a rebate discount in the invoice which are then deducted to give a sub-total. Rebates to customers are not taxable in Ontario. Thanks in advance…

All tax codes are applied on a line-item basis in Manager, not on the subtotal. This is necessary to allow for different tax rates on different items and return or adjustment of individual items on a multi-line invoice.

Your description of what you are doing is vague. If the above does not answer your question, please be more specific and illustrate with screen shots.

Hello, I went reviewed the setup I created and adjusted the info accordingly. It all worked out. Thanks once again…