GST Calculation Worksheet with whole figures

It’s a little annoying but I can still work around it. Is there a way to change the GST calculation worksheet to use whole numbers and ignore the cents? Since the ATO is not interested in cents on a BAS it means I keep having to check whether I should be rounding my GST figures or not when doing BAS.

Agreed. It would be kind of handy if the calculation worksheet made it easier to copy and paste the numbers across in a format that the ATO’s online form accepts. This would mean whole dollar amounts (ignoring cents, NOT rounded) with no commas or spaces.


For what it is worth , I agreed with the above comments. I work with a lot of software programs for clients and none of them have cents on the calculation sheet. I think this needs to be addressed as well. I don’t think the ATO really cares about if it is up 1cent or down cent, it is more about stopping errors and being in the correct format , this is the main reason it needs to be addressed if possible. The software is great so I hope this can be fixed easily. any improvement will be much appreciated by all users I am sure.

In the latest version, GST calculation worksheet shows whole figures now.

Hi Lubos

I am amazed how you manage to keep track of so many requests. My genuine
appreciation for addressing this issue as I do feel it makes the overall
presentation of the GST calculation sheet more professional and helpful to the
end user.

Thanks for your incredible support to us program users.

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