Grammar correction request for Balance Sheet reports

Noticed when running the Balance Sheet report it is stating “As at x/xx/xxx” instead of “As of”.

Running desktop version on Mac OS X.

As at is the right English used by accountant the world over.

I’m not an accountant so it just seemed weird to me! :smile: I’ve now learned something knew - thanks!

I’m not sure if it is grammarly correct but I’ve always use ‘As of’ in the BS.

It is not a matter of grammar; either as of or as at could be grammatically correct, although with different connotations. As @Abeiku pointed out, as at is accepted and common usage in accounting. This probably stems from the fact that balance sheets are for a specific date, neither earlier nor later. As of might imply validity for dates beyond the one given. Nevertheless, you will no doubt find people using as of simply because it sounds more conversational.

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