Generating PDF Error

It seems there is problem when exporting Trial Balance to PDF!! I’ve tried exporting balance sheet, profit & loss statement and statement of changes in equity and everything was working properly and generated PDF for all three statements except for trial balance!!!

Here is a screenshot of the message appeared after clicking the PDF button :point_down:t2:

I can reproduce this bug. It happens (at least) under macOS. But it does not freeze the application or the machine. @a_marhoon91’s screen shot is too small to read, so I am reproducing the error message I received. Hopefully, it will be more legible:

I’m having problem with PDF too, but i’m unable to made new topic in bug categories. Can i post the bug here?

No, @rifrish, only moderators can post topics in the bugs category. But, as you see, this one already is. The point is to limit the list to one report on each bug, not have hundreds on the same problem.

Fixed in the latest version (19.1.20)

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