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hi hi
i need a report that shows the list of invoices and credit notes that was created in a 2-month period with their totals and vat all i basicaly need it the Date, Invoice number, customer, total, vat

thank you kindly

sorry guys here is an expample of what i need

you can generate Report from manager.
please refer Guide

That will not provide what @Ubuntu4 wants, because the sales invoice reports give totals, not details of individual sales invoices.

@Ubuntu4, you can get what you want by creating a custom report. Query General Ledger Transactions and add the variables you want.

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Thank you i am halfway to what i need
the problems i have now is the following

@Ubuntu4, your last post does not tell us anything about the report. You need to show the Edit screen that defines the report. And what do you mean by “the other transactions totals still show?” What totals? What other? What is “snf?”

Understand that every line on a sales invoice is posted somewhere, so it is a transaction. You may need to apply filters in your custom report.

Try Custom report settings similar to this:

thank you very much @AJD you have helped tremendously
its almost perfect. The only problem i have left is, the report now only shows the invoices that was paid and not the unpaid invoices. But this report is what i was looking for thank you very much.:rose: