Generate reports on assets


I’m new to this software and has a question on reports
im a sole trader in australia and for tax time need to provide my accountant
details of my capital purchases
i have made in assets a tools and equipment group and it works well
but my accountant needs details of it
the only report that i can see that brings it up is the general ledger transactions
and its has everything in it
can u provide functionality to select the fields we search on
eg - assets

thanks for your help
and keep up the good work

In the Summary tab, click on the account balance and see if that creates the details required.
If yes, either export to a spreadsheet o if using windows os, then right click and select print.

Also look under Reports tab at the Fixed Assets Summary. Define one for the accounting year and you should have what your accountant needs. If this information isn’t enough, what exactly does your accountant want to see?

ok cheers
he looks at the specific items for the tax period and checks if they are ok i guess
my last accounting package could export all the items in that period- but they went subscription based and im not interested in that
i will export it out as Bruscanna suggested from the general ledger


But the Fixed Asset Summary gives you all actions during the defined period asset by asset. For example:

(Ignore the bizarre numbers. This example is from a test company with strange transactions. The point is that you see the result of purchases, add-ons, depreciation, disposals, etc.)