Fixed Assets In Summary

I have just set up a new business and am working on the accounts today.

I have tried to add a fixed asset which i bought yesterday from the bank- compressor for £500.00, however, when i add it using journal entries as a fixed asset, it doesn’t seem to report on the summary page in fixed assets.

I have also tried this using the fixed asset column after customizing the side, however, this also doesn’t seem to work.

I am perhaps being very simple, but could someone please explain why this is and how to rectify it.

Start by reading the Guides on fixed assets, starting at You handle things through the Fixed Assets tab, not Journal Entries. After following the procedures outlined, if you have problems, be specific so we can help. Tell us step by step exactly what you did, what you saw, and why you think it isn’t correct. Show screen shots.

Welcome to Manager. The Guides are always your first resource. Many on the forum are glad to help, but since we can’t see your accounts, we need as much detail as you can provide to do so. Once you understand the workflow, fixed assets are amazingly elegant (in my opinion).

Thanks for your response and my apologies for making it ambiguous. I will take some screenshots tomorrow.

I am after a simple form of accounting system just to raise invoices for customers and to calculate total income and total expenditure. I’m not sure if this will be too complicated for what i need, as it’s only a simple partnership formation.