General Ledger - Full Export

Hi all,

My auditor has requested me to supply a full General Ledger with accounts transactions from Manager in excel format, is this possible to do it?

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Export the General Ledger Transactions report.

@Tut this report is per account, therefore not a single report showing everything at once.

He basically requested the General Ledge Summary including the transactions, does this makes sense?

I don’t understand your request

The General Ledger shows a summary of the accounts sorted by account

The General Ledger Transactions report shows a list of all the transactions sorted by account

This is what you are asking for

I think that it’s asking for what in Italy is called “libro giornale” which is similar to the general ledger transaction report but with the transactions grouped not by account but by single transaction and sorted by date. In Italy it’s compulsory by law.

I achieved it with a custom report by assigning a progressive protocol to each transaction of every kind: one different protocol for each transaction type. Then I use the transaction type and the protocol to group the writings and also the date and the protocol to sort all of them.

All that said, I think that it would be great to have this report by default in Manager since it’s compulsory in some countries and it has been asked several time in the forum.

Here is a definition for a custom report like @Davide describes:

It produces the following (without obscuring the descriptions):


Thank you @Tut i was about to ask @Davide for the custom report details of what you just posted, i believe this is what the auditor is asking.


Hi Inline,

For what it’s worth (and if it’s not too late), I am an auditor. The custom report pictured above is not what we would expect when we request a full General Ledger of our clients. The default General Ledger Transactions report is what I would expect and is likely what your auditor may be looking for.

I can guarantee that in my nation this is what the authorities ask together with the default one.

Hi @p4unger on the default General Ledger Transactions report, it does gives you full details for one account at the time, so i would have to run/generate dozens account-wise reports to fulfill what a Full Report means. [CORRECTION] SEE @TUT POST BELOW.

We’ll see the auditor feedback on the above Custom Report i have send him.

Thank you.

That is not true, @Inline. By default, the General Ledger Transactions report gives you all details for all accounts. As a result, it is frequently overwhelmingly long. That is why the ability to select an individual account was added. Simply leave the Account field blank.

My bad @Tut, you are right i did always select an account and never tried to leave the field blank.

When i mentioned Default, i meant existing report (not custom).

Thank you.

How does one access this designer tool or rather is it available in desktop version?

What “designer tool” are you asking about? If you are asking about custom reports, read this Guide:

This is usually what we (auditors) request as “Journal Entries” report. Or as @Davide called “libro giornale” :slight_smile:

I think this fits the minimum data required to perform a Journal Entries Test (aka: JET).

That said, in some cases is also useful more information such the posting date (not the transaction date) and the user that recorded the transaction if it is available.

This tests are performed to identify unusual transactions and fraud schemes. But also allows auditors to perform specific analysis on selected transactions. So the information to be included in such report would depend on the audit approach.

You can modify the basic report I posted by changing the grouping, applying different filters, or incorporating additional fields.