General ledger Dr and Cr amount problems

General ledger Opening Dr and Cr amount problems in manager software similarly nepali date not show in date bar.

@Arun1, you have provided essentially no information. Please illustrate your issue or problem with screenshots and give a full explanation.


  1. Nepali date (BS) calendar adjusted in invoice date.

I have attach photo as per problems.

Hi Arun,

Your issue is still not that clear but I assumed that one of the issues you need solve is that the invoices date should be converted to Nepali calendar date instead of Gregorian calendar, is that right?

What has that got to do with the title of the topic (General ledger Dr and Cr amount problems) ?

@Arun1 You clearly haven’t read the guides for entering customer opening balances.

Go to: Set starting balances for customers | Manager

Read the following as well:

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You can finish up by checking this topic:

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