Access to old Guides page?

Is it possible to still see the old Guides page?..Or a way to search the new guides?

The new guides page by tabs is not keyword page-searchable in the same way.

IIRC the prior page had guides on Credit Cards. On the new guides page, it is not clear how I would find such a guide. On the old page, I would page-search “credit” and it would highlight that search word and I could determine applicability or follow the link to see more detail.

Plus, I miss the scenario examples The old guides had that walked one through a process. The new guides describe what the buttons do but don’t give a sense of how to use them

Even in the new guides there is a link to the old guides see screenshot (yellow box with link on the right) below:


Thanks that reply. That does not show on my side. Android Chrome nor Android view as desktop site… Can check later on laptop.

In mobile phones it appears you need to edit the url from www. to www2.

Thanks you. That got me to the old site!

Fwiw, I still don’t see the yellow box/link on the new site as mentioned in the prior post

I find it here when I click on Guides

It will not show on a mobile phone.

This link works for me: Guides | Manager

Seems the www2 is the work always solution

I don’t get the yellow box/link even on laptop

Can you widen your window?