Foreign exchange gains (losses)

After update the latest version, when click view button i get same error on every forex report → Can't view Foreign exchange gains (losses)

anyone meet same problem?? it not allow me to install the old version

You need to provide more information. Describe exactly what you did to trigger the error message. And understand, the forum operates in English only.

my manager verison 19.2.86

when click view button, this just happen at foreign exchange gains (losses), other account are normal

will show -http 500 internal server error, like below

i try to install the old verison but it not allow, hope can solve this problem, thank you.

Can you try the latest version (19.2.89)? I think this is the same bug that has been just fixed.

its ok now, i upgrade to 19.2.90, thanks for your help :blush: