There seems to be an issue with using footers. although the guide says you can use more than one footer, I only seem to be able to use one. I have 2 footers set up. One which has bank details and the other a statement asking customers to use their surname as a reference when paying by bank transfer. The only one that appears is the bank details whichever way round I apply them. Perhaps I am applying them incorrectly, but I cant see how if I am

And nobody can if you don’t show some screenshots of the edit screens.

BTW, they don’t work on custom themes.

The Guides are also being rapidly overtaken by ongoing changes by the developer. Program behavior is changing almost hourly. All this is part of some grand scheme that will eventually, supposedly, replace themes.

Multiple footers work fine in v22.8.23.329.

With footers being a fairly new option, moving away from custom fields; I would be surprised if this was the case. It would appear though that if you add a footer, you cannot then go back and edit it and add another footer.

Footers do act a bit differently than custom fields do, as observed in this post about ten days ago.

Footers are not replacing custom fields. They are part of the move away from custom themes.

You lost me. You would be surprised if what was the case?